Dante's Inferno Original Art
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We at Gotimna Publications, just launched this website on time for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. So, please bear with us while we update the information on our pages as books and news become available.

We are excited about the launch of "Inferno - The Art Collection" book by Dino Di Durante on time and in a few languages for the greatest book fair in world. The following comments are printed on the back of the book:

“The Divine Comedy is one of the most "visual" poems in the history of Literature, and from
its first appearance in manuscripts and codices the text was often accompanied by miniatures
illustrating its most famous episodes. Dino Di Durante is the last of a long and illustrious
list of artists who have illustrated Dante's poem. His paintings are not just illustrations of
characters and/or episodes, but such is their power that they become actual visual
interpretations of the text itself.”
Massimo Ciavolella, Ph.D., Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Director -
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - USA.

“Dino Di Durante’s paintings of Dante’s Inferno are strong, sometimes terrifying, sometimes sublime, but they all perfectly describe the beauty and depth of the human soul, the wonderful mirror of God's image.”
Monsignor Marco Frisina, Divine Comedy expert - The Vatican

“In your hands is another expression of one man's life's work, a true divine obsession, dedicated entirely to bringing new modern life to a classic of world literature in every possible way. Fueled by his wonder at the genius of the immortal Dante, Dino has put heart and soul into re-imagining Dante’s Inferno for modern audiences, especially young people who have so much to learn from its sublime wisdom. They will also find much to enjoy, a feast of visual delights and mind-blowing experiences that put the latest computer games and special effects movies to shame.”
Christopher Vogler, Hollywood Story Advisor and author of The Writer’s Journey

“Dino, son of the world, flies, vibrates and creates with his passion: "The Divine Comedy". Maybe Dante has left him a mandate; the one to make us feel the excitement of this wonderful masterpiece again.”
Pablo Atchugarry, Pablo Atchugarry Foundation art center Director - Uruguay

“Dino Di Durante's deep knowledge of the Divine Comedy allows him to express the many nuances of Dante’s poetry in his artistic depictions of Hell. His artwork serves as an excellent introduction to Inferno, acquainting viewers not only with the characters of Italian literature’s greatest medieval epic, but also its structure and mood.”
Brittany Asaro, Ph.D., Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, UCLA - USA

“Dino Di Durante has devoted his professional and artistic life to making Dante's Commedia available to wider and now, even younger audiences. He believes in the power and relevance of Dante's masterpiece; giving it further animation through artistic images is a further public service to the collective imagination that needs rich stories like this to understand themselves in a complex world.”
Dennis Slattery, Ph.D., Mythological Studies at Pacifica Institute, California - USA

“The 72 paintings that make up the art collection of "Dante's Inferno" by Dino Di Durante are not only the depiction of a great literary masterpiece, but also an invitation to experience them. He gives life to a series of images, that does not just tell the remarkable Dante’s journey, but also invites you to relive, with restlessness and amazement, all his emotions almost to the last detail.

Gianmario Pagano, Priest and Divine Comedy playwriter, - Italy

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